Kasa, Kurobegoro, Suisho, Washiba, Yari, Hotaka

You can find all of these mountains on map number 38. Note regarding Kasa, Kurobegoro, Suisho, and Washiba. There are few other ways to get to these mountains, but it is easiest to access via Shin Hotaka. Note regarding Yari and Hotaka. Yari and Hotaka can be accessed either from Kamikochi or Shin Hotaka. If... Continue Reading →


Arashima and Hakusan: Map number 44 Arashima Access: 荒島岳登山口(中出コース駐車場 (35.958392, 136.558797)勝原スキー場駐車場荒島岳登山口 (35.963712, 136.604285)Parking lot at 35.920116, 136.635130 Arashima Access Haku Access: Parking lot at 36.127367, 136.752267 Haku Access

Mt. Tsurugi / Mt. Tate

Kashima-Yari & Goryu: Map number 37 Both Tateyama and Tsurugi are typically accessed from Murodo station (36.576943, 137.595427). You need to take the Alpine-Route either from Omachi (36.558454, 137.720775) or from Tateyama (36.583214, 137.445783). Visitors from Tokyo will find Omachi to be the most convenient. Alpine Route Access: Omachi (36.558454, 137.720775)Tateyama (36.583214, 137.445783) Alpine route... Continue Reading →


Map number 40 Ontake Access: 黒沢口六合目駐車場 (35.894669, 137.521131)Ontake Ropeway (35.901506, 137.537519) Ontake Access


Map number 38 Yake Access: Yakedake Tozanguchi Parking Lot (36.203890, 137.598893)Kamikochi. Note that private vehicles not allowed, need to take a bus from Sawando (36.163865, 137.656324)Yakedaketozansha Parking Lot (36.257387, 137.574804)Shinhotaka Ropeway (36.285901, 137.575202) Yake Access

Kyushu – Kaimon, Kirishima, Aso, Sobo, Kuju

Kaimon: map #60 Kirishima: map #60 Aso: map# 58 Sobo: map# 59 Kuju: map# 58 Kaimon Access: Kaimonsanrokufureai Park (31.195729, 130.535201) Kaimon Access Kirishima Access: *Please note that there are many access points. The access below is the shortest map time to the highest point in Kirishima Kinkowan National Park, Mount Karakuni. Ebinokogen Parking Lot... Continue Reading →

Kashima-Yari, Goryu, Shirouma

Kashima-Yari & Goryu: Map number 36 Shirouma: Map number 35 Kashima-Yari Access: Omachi (36.559919, 137.730306)Also accessible from Goryu Kashima-yari Access Goryu Access: Hakuba Goryu Snow Resort (36.663990, 137.835894)Also accessible from Kashima-Yari or Shirouma Goryu Access Shirouma Access Sarukuwaso (36.745873, 137.800950)Also accessible from Karamatsu & Goryu Shirouma Access

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