Mt. Akagi (1&2)

Map number 20 (also includes Tsukuba), summit September 9, 2017

Description number 40

I made 2 attempts at this hike. The first was early in the season and I rode my motorcycle. By the time I got to the trail head it was late in the day and getting cold. I decided to head back home and just make it a motorcycle day trip instead.

The next attempt was a few months later and I drove there with my wife and son. There are a few access points on this hike and none of them really require much description, but I will say that I think Akagi is actually an area rather than a single peak. I think that the description on Wes Lang’s site describes the hike to the highest point in the area, but I climbed a different peak. It’s fine, I’m not obsessive compulsive so I can live with summiting another peak in the region instead.

Although the view is pleasant, I would recommend doing this hike on the way back home from another hike because it doesn’t really warrant its own separate 3 hour trip each way, and ¥5,000 yen in tolls.

The whole hike only takes about 1-2 hours, less if you don’t have lunch at the top.

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