Mt. Kobushi

Map number 23 (you can also get Kinpu, Mizugaki, Ryokami, Kumotori, and Daibosatsu). Description number 67

I hiked Kobushi July 8-9, 2017. The plan was to hike up to the Kobushi hut and tent camp, then hike back down in the morning. I parked at the free lot located at 35.863010, 138.754676. There are a lot of people here because of the Nishizawa Gorge hike, which I hear is nice, but I wasn’t here for that. There are two routes up, I didn’t know which was better, but one had a water crossing so I figured I’d take it so I can have a chance to fill up.

After you get off of the Nishizawa Gorge trail, the trail to Kobushi is very steep. For the next couple of hours, nothing but uphill hiking. I crossed a refreshing river, but didn’t immediately see the trail on the other side, but I new from my map that I was paralleling it. When I got to a dam that I couldn’t pass, I climbed up the embankment to get to the trail again.

I must have dropped my sunglasses somewhere around here. After about an hour of uphill hiking with a full pack, I wasn’t about to go back to get them. I figured I’d take the same route back in the morning. Japanese are honest people an no one would take my sunglasses.

Another hour of hiking and you come to the junction where the alternate route meets up. Just one trail to the top now, but it’s still very steep. Another hour and I was on the ridge line, covered in sweat and disgrace from dropping my sunglasses, this area is very pleasant.

I could tell I was getting close to the hut because I could hear the hoards of campers laughing, drinking, and eating. I tried to avoid staying in this area, but I didn’t see a place suitable for pitching a tent that was far enough away from the trail, so I payed the hut operator the 1000 yen to camp there, but I got a place kind of out of the way from the masses so it was ok.

The next morning I woke up before sunrise to the sounds of all the other campers packing up and heading out. I figured I’d make the short trip over to the peak of Kobushi and just leave my tent and gear here. The surrounding area was beautiful at sunrise. The light is sharper and things are more detailed when its at an angle.

By the way, my sunglasses were hanging on a rope marking the trail location in the place where I thought I dropped them. I don’t know why I ever had any doubt.

If you’re interested, there is also a very nice tattoo-friendly hot spring close to Kofu called Hottarakashi Onsen. They have indoor and outdoor baths, but I recommend the outdoor baths for a nice view!

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