Mt. Ryokami (1&2)

Map number 23, Description number 65. Hiked (successfully) June 24, 2017

On my first attempt at this hike, I rode my Harley to Ryokami. It’s about a 2.5 hour drive and there’s parking at the trail head near the Ryokami sansou and the Ryokami shrine (36.0281819, 138.8778074). It was a hot summer day, and I left home later than I should’ve. When I got to the parking the parking lot man kept speaking to me in Japanese and asking me to rearrange the way I had my bike parked. I got fed up and just ignored him after a few minutes.

I left my phone on the hot pavement while getting my gear out and just as I started the trail, it turned off. I wasn’t sure if it was broken and wouldn’t turn on again or if it would turn back on after it cooled off.

The trail was shaded, and there are a couple stream crossings. The water should be good enough to drink if you filter it. I didn’t get sick anyway.

After about 2 hours into the hike, my phone still didn’t work and it was getting late in the day. I rely on my phone for a lot. It’s like a lifeline. I got along fine before they had cell phones, everyone did, but I’ve grown kind of dependent on it. I needed it to know how to get back home, so I came to the realization that I needed to turn around so that if I got lost on the way back, at least I wouldn’t be lost in the dark too.

Luckily, when I got back to my bike I plugged my phone in and it started charging up. A few minutes later it turned back on. What a relief.

I attempted Ryokami a couple months later with my wife and son this time (no Harley, I drove my car). The hike was just as I remembered it. I didn’t make it to the Ryogami Kiyotaki Hut last time, I turned around about a kilometer before it. I think you can stay at this hut, but it looked deserted when I passed through. The hike continues with many switchbacks up to the ridge line and after about 2 or 3 more kilometers, you should be at the top. We didn’t have any view because of the clouds, and my wife didn’t feel well, so we didn’t linger.

On the way back, my son wanted pizza so we found this all you can eat place in chichibu called グラッチェガーデンズ 秩父駅前店, 35.988812, 139.084860.

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