Mt. Tsukuba

Map number 20 (also includes Akagi), hiked April 16, 2017

Description number 44

This hike confused me because their is another peak called Mt. Nantai on the same ridge line. I originally thought that there were two Hyakumeizan’s right next to each other but as it turns out, the Hyakumeizan Mt. Nantai is different. You’ll also find that there are two Mt. Tsurugi’s, one in the Kita Alps and one in Tokushima prefecture, and two Mt. Asahi’s, one in Hokkaido and one in Tohoku.

Because this hike is so close to Tokyo and at the same time a very easy hike (especially if you take the tramway up), I made a mid afternoon motorcycle ride day trip out of it. I didn’t even bring any hiking gear with me, just my riding boots, jeans, a T-shirt, and a bottle of water. Assuming you don’t get lost on the way there like I did, it should take you about 2.5 hours to get there. There are two ropeways, I parked at the one located at 36.219997, 140.119181.

Make no mistake, there is no solitude to be found here. Tourists find there way here and on the weekend, they come in droves. This was really just a procedural hike for me because I don’t like the touristy thing. The tram takes about 15 minutes and costs 1,500 yen for the round trip ticket. Once at the top, Tsukuba is a short walk up.

I walked over past Tsukuba Sancho, which has tourist-directed shops and restaurants, to Mt. Nantai, thinking it was the Hyakumeizan Nantai at the time, which as explained before, it wasn’t. No matter, the extra walk only took about 20 or 30 minutes each way.

That’s it. Checked off the list. No more to talk about for this hike.

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