Kashima Yarigatake, Goryu, Shirouma

Hiked September 25-28

Kashimayari and Goryu, Map# 36

Shirouma, Map# 35

This was a fairly logistically complicated hike since I wanted to hit all three summits in a single trip. I persuaded Joe to go with me and we drove 2 cars. We headed up to the Shirouma trail head after work. There is a large parking area where we left Joe’s car and headed back toward Omachi where we stayed at the Keisui Ryokan. It’s about 30 minutes to the Kashimayarigatake trailhead from the hotel.

After finally finding a parking space in the crowded parking lot at the trailhead, we headed up at around 9:30 am. I didn’t feel that the hike up to the first hut was particularly tough. It took about 2 hours of uphill, but mostly gentle climbing. The hut had pizza! Nothing more to say about that. After gorging on pizza, we headed toward Kashimayari.

The route is up and down most of the way and you’ll pass by another hut, which we got to at about 1:30pm. It was too early to stop, so we aimed to stay at the Goryu Kirretto hut, which was another 2 hrs hike away. After summitting Kashimayari (which was cloudy), the trail trends down hill to the next hut. A little tricky with a few ladders in the vicinity of the hut, but nothing too difficult. I will say that I slept like a baby in this hut. They had privacy curtains, free water, and good views over the kiretto.

After breakfast we headed out towards Goryu. The route up is generally easy to follow (in good weather, which we had at the time). There are a few chains and ladders. We started at around 7 am and got to the peak by 11am. From the peak you could see the Goryu hut and the Karamatsu hut. After resting for a bit at the Goryu hut, we made it to the bustling Karamatsu hut by 2pm. Unfortunately, the next closest hut was closed, we would have a 4 hr hike ahead of us to get to the next open hut, so we stayed at the Karamatsu hut.

The map shows the route between Karamatsu hut and Shirouma as a dotted line with several yellow warning marks. In dry conditions, this area should be no problem. In wet conditions, it is also manageable, but you’ll need to take your time and make sure you have a dry towel or something to grip the chains. When we got to the other side of the 2nd kiretto, we passed by the next hut which was closed to guests, but did offer snacks for sale. It rained the rest of the way to Shirouma. We rested in one of the three hut near the peak of Shirouma prior to summitting. As expected, there was no view, we snapped our selfies at the sign, and headed back down.

The route down was easy to follow. Some folks suggest crampons due to the lingering snowfields, but at the time we passed through, they receded enough that we didn’t feel it necessary to don them. About 3 hrs down to the trail head that Joe’s car was parked at and we headed back home.

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