Hiked on December 25, 2019

Map number 41

I don’t have much experience for winter hikes, so I wanted to try an easier one to start. This area has gotten some snow around this time, but managed to miss most of the heavy snowfall. In the winter, I recommend tire chains and a 4×4 to the trail head. I attempted this hike last year but the bridge was out so I skipped it. Some recent posts on this hike mentioned that the bridge was back in place so I attempted again.

You’ll walk along a road for about 30 minutes before you get to a sign pointing to the river where the bridge is located. Cross the bridge and start the hike up. When I went, there was a good 6-12 inches of snow most of the way. Going up, I didn’t use crampons and I seemed to have enough grip. I left the trailhead about 8am and got to the summit by 11am. The weather was clear so I had great views of the Minami Alps on the way up. Get your views on the way up because there isn’t much of a view at the top due to the tree cover.

On the way down, I found light crampons to be very useful for avoiding slipping in the snow, rocks, and further down, the slush. Certainly optional, but recommended if you have them. I got back to my car at about 2pm. I put on my tire chains for the drive down the hill because there were a few sketchy ice patches on the road going up.

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