Kasa, Kurobegoro, Suisho, Washiba, Yari, Hotaka (North Alps, Lower Section)

You can find all of these mountains on map number 38.

Note regarding Kasa, Kurobegoro, Suisho, and Washiba. There are few other ways to get to these mountains, but it is easiest to access via Shin Hotaka.

Note regarding Yari and Hotaka. Yari and Hotaka can be accessed either from Kamikochi or Shin Hotaka. If accessed from Kamikochi, you need to take a bus from Sawando as private vehicles are not allowed in Kamikochi.

Shin Hotaka Access:

  • Many free parking lots available in Shin Hotaka (36.283207, 137.574837). You’ll need to park in Shin Hotaka and walk up a gravel road. There are 2 trails from this gravel road that you will use depending on what your itinerary is. You’ll find the first trail about 1 hour in and to your left at 36.307238, 137.590215. The next trail is also to your left about 30 minutes down at 36.320377, 137.597318

Kamikochi Access:

  • Park at Sawando (36.163695, 137.659870) and take a bus into Kamikochi (36.251677, 137.653416)
Shin Hotaka
Yari and Hotaka
Kurobegoro, Washiba, and Suisho

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