Tekari, Hijiri, Akaishi, Arakawa (South Alps, Lower Section)

All of these peaks are found on map number 42 and can be accessed from the same location.

  • Hatanagi Lake Parking Lot (35.958392, 136.558797)

From Hatanagi Lake Parking Lot, you’ll need to take a shuttle bus to Sawarajima. The t-forest corporation operates the shuttle bus back and forth between Hatanagi and Sawarajima. You’ll pay a fee to get on the shuttle bus from Hatanagi to Sawarajima, with the agreement that you’ll stay in one of the t-forest corporation huts. You’ll keep your receipt and show it to the driver when your back at Sawarajima. If you don’t stay in a hut or loose your receipt, it may be difficult to get a ride back to Hatanagi.

There is also an alternate access to Tekari and Hijiri from the Iida side. You’ll park at a parking lot located at (35.389123, 138.041647). There’s another closed gate only accessible to private shuttles. You’ll walk along the road for about 3 miles to a footbridge at (35.378555, 138.078320) before heading up to Irodake then Tekari or Hijiri.

Hatanagi Parking Lot and Bus Stop
Sawarajima and Trail Access
Overview of the Peaks Accessible from Sawarajima
Tekari with Alternate Access from the Iida Side

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