Tsurugi (Tokushima)/ Ishizuchi

Map number 55 Tsurugi Access: Tsurugi Shrine Area Parking Lots (33.866845, 134.089376) Tsurugi Access Ishizuchi Access: Ishizuchitozan Ropeway Sanchojoju (33.803307, 133.149895)Ishizuchi Auto Camp Parking Lot (33.758341, 133.145154)Teppoishikawa Camping Ground (33.723377, 133.100581) Ishizuchi Access


Map number 20 Access: Shinzakadaira Parking Lot (36.541712, 139.167322)県立赤城公園 小沼駐車場 (36.538278, 139.185266)Onoko parking (36.548074, 139.186372)鳥居峠駐車場 (36.541026, 139.192986) Akagi Access

Tsukuba (Tokyo Area)

Map number 20. Most people will not require a map for this hike. Access: Tsukuba Kanko Railway Cable Parking (36.213248, 140.099864)Tsukubasa Ropeway (36.219770, 140.119405) Tsukuba Access


Map number 19 Take a picture of the map posted at the trail head and save yourself 500 yen on the map. When I went in 2017, the trail to the summit was closed due to volcanic activity so you'll only be able to hike along the Kurofuyama / Jakotsudake ridge line. Access: Yamanokami Shrine... Continue Reading →


If you are just visiting Nantai for a day trip, a map probably isn't needed. For reference, it is map number 13. Access: Lake Chuzenji Area, start from the Nikko Futarasan Jinja Chugushi Shrine. (36.741033, 139.487237). Parking lot at 36.784613, 139.501296 is not recommended Nantai Access


If you are just visiting Nasu for a day trip, a map probably isn't needed. Access: Nasu Ropeway Parking Lot (37.125771, 139.979436). Most people won't need to use the ropeway. Only 30 minute hike from the parking lot to the highest point. Nasu Access


If you are just visiting Bandai for a day trip, a map probably isn't needed. Access: Grand Sunpia Inawashiro Resort Hotel & Ski Parking Lot. Recommend parking off an access road just above the hotel. (37.579897, 140.063171)Urabandai Ski Resort (37.633271, 140.069604) Bandai Access


If you are just visiting Adatara for a day trip, a map probably isn't needed. Access: Adatara Kogen Ski Resort Parking Lot (37.622892, 140.326651) Adatara Access


If you are just visiting Azuma-Kofuji and don't intend on reaching the high point (Issaikyo), you don't need a map. This area is easily accessible from a parking lot just off the main road. Access: Jododaira Visitor Center Parking Lot (37.722683, 140.255594) Azuma-Kofuji Access

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