Mt. Tekari/Mt. Hijiri

Hiked August 17-19 Map Number 42 (Minami Alps, Southern Section) Duration:  2-3 days I hiked this with my friend, Joe. You could access Tekari and Hijiri from Hatanagi Dam Area (see Arakawa/Akaishi), but I opted to hike from a trailhead on the Iida, Japan side. The map is actually outdated because it shows a parking... Continue Reading →

Mt. Warusawa/Mt. Akaishi

Hiked August 2-4 Map number 42, Minami Alps, Southern Section Duration: 2-3 days There's no easy way around it. To do Warusawa (also known as Arakawa) and Akaishi, you have to take a Tokai Forest Corporation Shuttle Bus to the trailhead. Technically, you could avoid this, but you would have hike several days out of... Continue Reading →

Mt. Houou

Hiked on July 8, 2018 Map Number 41, Minami Alps, northern section Hike Duration: 13 hours (map time), 8 hours (actual) Mt. Houou is actually more of a ridgeline, with 3 main peaks - Jizo (2764m), Kannon (2840), and Yakushi (2780m). Mt. Houou an "outlyer" meaning that it is difficult to bundle with other peaks,... Continue Reading →

Mt. Myoko

Map number 18 Description number 33 Mt. Myoko is about a 4 hour drive from my house. My plan was leave home early, hike Myoko, and then head over to Mt. Hiuchi, sleep in my car overnight, hike Mt. Takatsuma in the morning, then head home. It didn't quite work out that way, not because... Continue Reading →

Mt. Asama

Map number 19 Description number 43 Mt. Asama is a highly active volcanic peak that is "enter at your own risk" for hikers. But you can still hike around the crater, and the scenery is quite peaceful. I rode my Harley to this hike. It was about a 3 hour ride each way. My plan... Continue Reading →

Mt. Akagi (1&2)

Map number 20 (also includes Tsukuba) Description number 40 I made 2 attempts at this hike. The first was early in the season and I rode my motorcycle. By the time I got to the trail head it was late in the day and getting cold. I decided to head back home and just make... Continue Reading →

Mt. Tsukuba

Map number 20 (also includes Akagi) Description number 44 This hike confused me because their is another peak called Mt. Nantai on the same ridge line. I originally thought that there were two Hyakumeizan's right next to each other but as it turns out, the Hyakumeizan Mt. Nantai is different. You'll also find that there... Continue Reading →

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