Mt. Kita/Mt. Aino

I think they changed the map number, I downloaded map 41 to get Kita/Aino, but it looks like it's now map 42, and map 41 is for Kiso-Komagatake, Utsugi, and Ena. So I have 2 different map number 41s, but you should get maps 41 and 42. Kita is description number 80, Aino is description... Continue Reading →

Mt. Kai-Komagatake/Mt. Senjo

Map number 41 Kai-Komagatake is description number 77, Senjo is description 78 For this hike, the road to Kitazawa is not open to the public, so like most of the hikes in the Minami Alps, you have to take a bus. I think that you might be able to take the bus from Ashiyasu to... Continue Reading →

Mt. Kiso-Komagatake/Mt. Utsugi

Map number 41 (also includes Mt. Ena) Kiso-Komagatake is description number 74, and Utsugi is number 75 I did this hike with my son in October of 2017. We drove up on a Friday afternoon, it's about a 2.5 hour drive to the Suganodai bus center parking lot. Although there are alternate routes up, since... Continue Reading →

Mt. Kirigamine/Mt. Tateshina

Kirigamine and Tateshina are map numberĀ 33 Kirigamine is description number 62, and Tateshina is number 63 I hiked Kirigamine, Tateshina, Yatsugatake, Mizugaki, and Kinpu over the period of 3 days, sleeping in my car at the trail heads at night. I started the week after Golden Week, which was the second week in May. I... Continue Reading →

Mt. Kinpu / Mt. Mizugaki

Kinpu and Mizugaki are map number 23. Kinpu is description number 68 and Mizugaki is description number 69 After not being able to summit Yatsugatake, I headed for Mizugaki and Kinpu. You can access both peaks from one trail head, and there are a couple places to park. I parked atĀ 35.878263,138.580107 because it was a... Continue Reading →

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